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Writing in LJ and getting high

Despite appearances, I am a fairly reflective fellow. Thinking is one thing I can usually do if I'm not on the way to a seizure. So I was tinkink about writing for LJ. In my vast experience (less than 2 weeks with an LJ) what piercing insights have I wrested from my experience?

I write for LJ in a much more relaxed style than I write fiction or even e-mail to friends. My sport and art writing tends to be intense and goofy - exuberant, as princeofamber described it. So far I haven't sat down to update my LJ with an experience or thought I am burning to share. What I've written here is pretty tame, both in subject and in style. I felt at first that LJ writing was going to be a bust because I only wrote flaccid, vapid stuff. I reserve judgment on that.

I know some of my entries are going to be garish droog-style(TM) prose eruptions. I get high a lot. Cannabis is the only medicine that boths stops my seizures and soothes the intense pain from my thalamic pain syndrome. I live in the enlightened state of Washington and have an enlightened neurologist so I have legal authorization to use medical marijuana. I call it my "Killer Weed Hall Pass". I'm a member of Seattle's Green Cross Patient Co-op which I visit each week to get my magic brownies and ganja. It is a positive, relaxed scene at Green Cross. I'll write about my weekly visit sometime.

Until then, stay cool.
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