droogles (droogles) wrote,

My first online quiz

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Yeah, I hate pornography disguised as sex education! I mean, what self-respecting pornographer would do that? I like my porn as clearly-labeled as possible, honest, clean and upfront.

(Truly, these people are deranged; although we wouldn't *need* sex ed in the schools if it wasn't for 'moral majority' parents who believe in not telling their kids anything and preach abstinence.)

I'm amazed you just garnered a 'threat assessment: medium'; I'd rate you far, far, FAR higher. You were telling the quiz pork pies, weren't you?
Pork pies? Never heard that. Oh, I got it. Cockney rhyming slang for "lies". Nope, I told the truth.

I don't think my threat rating is high enough that I must fear being hanged under the Patriot Act.