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Gloom and doom and varoooom

Yesterday was really nasty on old Droogles. So I wrote nice about blackberries.

Today I will write nice things.

Tomorrow I drive to Philly and back visiting fellow Clarioneerites along the way: Jim H. somewhere the hell in Carolina or something, Bert! in his igloo on the windswept ice fields of Wisconsin, and with any luck a hat trick (Ysa, James, Adrian) in Philly. About 8,000 miles the way I plan to wend. I'm going to take it slow. Enjoy the country. Walk a lot with Mika.

Oh, yeah, I'm also taking Margaret to look at some colleges. Fun. We're going to visit RISD and Parson's School of Design. She wants a college big on both art and tech because she wants to make computer games if she grows up.

My advice to M on college: the most important thing is to have fun there. I had good times. Maybe did a few too many fancy chemicals, but that was part of the curriculum in the early 70's. Also I have imparted this wisdom to her: Don't let school get in the way of your education.

Margaret flies and I drive. I love long road trips. Especially in my broken state, driving and driving relaxes me like nothing else. Tunes and daydreams and shooting random pix out the windows. I will add greatly to my collection of pictures of rest stop urinals. Soon I will have more urinal portraits than anyone on First Hill.

I'll be checking in to LJ sporadically. Those who turn to my LJ for spiritual solace and daily guidance are screwed.

I meant that in a constructive way, of course.
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