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Apply for Camp Katrina Chief Activist Job - $15/hr. Make history.

Camp Katrina on The Mall will be a historic event.

I am looking for someone to spearhead the effort to make Camp Katrina a reality. I will pay $15/hr for 20 hours to a person with the passion and energy to do the job - $300 total for now.

This job will become a long-time position, as the Chief Activist will also fundraise. I have already had offers on DU to donate to Camp Katrina.

I need help to push this idea. I am disabled and my energy is limited.

The person for this position must:
- Understand intuitively what is meant by "Camp Katrina on The Mall".
- Have the passion and energy to make Camp Katrina real.
- Have time RIGHT NOW to do the work necessary.
- Be creative.
- Be familiar with the history of Mall protest encampments. Google
for Hooverville and "Dewey Canyon III" to learn now.
- Be willing to be hated. Think Cindy and Camp Casey.
- Realize that this effort is a catalyst. Ultimately the energy and
power behind Camp Katrina must come from Katrina survivors wanting
to express their anger and demand change.
- Have some web expertise.
- Be good at getting people to work for free.
- Ideally but not necessarily - be connected to other effective

Please write a few short paragraphs expressing your vision of Camp Katrina and explaining why you should spearhead the effort to make it happen.

I will make my decision as soon as I can, hopefully by the end of
today - 9/4/05.

I urge all of you to volunteer for this effort. We can change history. We can be instrumental in driving Bush's criminal bastard bunglers out of office.

I am just planting a seed. I am a disabled keyboard activist. Camp
Katrina may be my proudest memory.

Apply for the job at:

Here are some threads on Camp Katrina:
Original Poll - http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=132x2059147


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