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Date:2003-07-31 00:14
Subject:So I sez to him I sez

Instead of putting off writing by LJing I got sucked into reading a couple hundred old messages on the forum of my Clarion West writing workshop class. We had good giggles in our little Yahoo forum in the months before our class began. We got to know one another online, so when we got together in body we hit the ground running.

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Date:2003-07-30 21:33
Subject:THIS JUST IN!!!

Merzifon giggles a surprisingly manly giggle.
- my latest nugget of scintillating prose. Channel Zilch

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Date:2003-07-30 21:15

"I am thinking great thoughts. And soon I shall cast them into enduring prose."
- brazenly plagiarizing myself

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Date:2003-07-30 21:09
Subject:NEWS FLASH!!!

I just wrote the sentence:
"I have survived all that."
In context it's supposed to be funny.

The funniest line in Channel Zilch is:
"Haven't you ever slept with an American woman?"
Context kicks up the chortle factor there.

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Date:2003-07-30 21:06
Subject:I am NOT using LJ to avoid writing!!!
Mood: amused

I protest. Too much.

I love embarrassing myself. I'm such an easy target.

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Date:2003-07-30 20:24
Mood: working

I need all the help I can get organizing and directing this little farce I like to call "My Life".

I am, potentially, a published writer. As my good friend Larry said after reading my first (need I say unpublished) novel "Sweat Dreams", "Worse shit than this gets published." He didn't mean it that way.

So. Hmmmm. Me gone try Mr. LJ him be my writing record. Word count. Chapter. Mark the days I've been a good little author.

CZ progress: 99,933 Chapter 19 Warped Speed rewrite

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Date:2003-07-30 19:21
Subject:Nerblop skedoodle
Mood: high

Damn it hot. 94 F. My fanny is not used to being fried. Do I really want to drive to Nashville and Wichita this summer? Yup. I reserve the right to be stupid.

See if I can write some Channel Zilch in the tropics. Just need to get in a Graham Greene frame of minddd. I NEED RUM!

I will get help for LJ sickness if I run my LJ update app "Always in Front". Wonder what the hell my Granddad would have made of that last sentence. Now my Dad, he woulda dug it.

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Date:2003-07-30 19:01
Subject:Scary little JPG
Mood: accomplished

This little jpg is scary. He knows a lot about _your_ computer. IP address, ISP, operating system, browser.

I can see I'll have to avoid LiveJournal hacking or my life will flow away.

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Date:2003-07-28 14:30
Subject:Another Sweltering Day in Seattle
Mood: determined

It's going to hit the high 80's today and everyone here is wilting. After spending most of my life in the South and the Midwest I laugh at these heat-wimps. I would laugh, that is, if I hadn't become just such a wimp in my 10 years here.

Mika is squeaking one of her fave toys. She's beat after her hour wrestling with other dogs at the Golden Gardens off-leash park. She has almost no fear of other dogs. She'll challenge a pit bull to wrestle if she has a bit of energy in her. Mika does feel the heat. Although she's much better off here than in the heat and mosquitoes of central Canada, where she was abandoned.

Margaret is gone to jazz camp at Port Townshend. I will try hard to get back into Channel Zilch today. I am using LJ to avoid writing. Writing to avoid writing.

Makes ya wanna thing.

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Date:2003-07-27 12:37
Subject:Rimrunner: Cyborg or Posthuman?
Mood: envious

rimrunner is not human. She never sleeps. I'm thinking of dumping half my writing and living projects on her because she wouldn't notice the extra demand on her energy.

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Date:2003-07-27 12:08
Mood: awake

Ah, the LJ lifestyle. Get up and type about myself all day. I am a fascinating fellow. Ask my parole officer.

I live with my daughter in a nice little apartment on Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA. Capitol Hill is almost as groovy as I am. Actually I live on the edge of First Hill but Capitol Hill is way more cool. First Hill is populated by retirees, nurses, doctors, and people living in assisted housing. Capitol Hill has a piercing to resident ratio of 2 to 1.

I am about a week from finaliziing a divorce from my wife of 25 years. *sigh*

Haven't worked on my novel, Channel Zilch, for a week. Margaret is going to jazz camp this week so I _will_ write.

Looks like I need to learn some HTML for LJ sprucing. Even though I've been a bull geek in my time I always resisted learning. C++ is what a real geek geeks about with. HTML offends my sense of elegance. Thinking on the issue I realize I always complained of C++'s ugliness. Lot's of features seemed like they were designed by a committee at 4 AM. "It's good enough. Ship it."

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Date:2003-07-26 20:18
Subject:Run and eat
Mood: amused

Mika (the Wunnderdog) tried to jump from the sidewalk into a restaurant. We were walkin along not causing any trouble when she did a quick take at an open restaurant window about 2 feet above the sidewalk and, why the hell not?, jumped. I had the leash short enough that I caught her in midjump. She'd have landed right on top of a nicely set dinner table. That would have been funnier.

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Date:2003-07-26 13:19
Subject:It's the PINK GAS!
Mood: hopeful

Droogles signing in.

I've lurked. I've sneered. I've teared. I've groaned. I've... That's going nowhere slow.

I've never, ever been able to keep a journal. We'll see.

It's great living in the future.

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