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Mika at Golden Gardens

Just got back from Mika's favorite place on Earth - Golden Gardens off-leash dog area. She wrestled and chased other dogs until she could hardly move. A tired dog is a happy dog. This time she picked a pair of dogs about her size to be her buds - a 4-month old Doberman and a 2-year old Coyote/Schnauzer mix. They played and rested, played and rested.

It's a drag not to be able to talk to other owners much. My brainrot limits me to about 15 minutes of chitchat, 10 minutes of intense conversation. Everyone wants to find out about Mika (it's true) and I can talk to a few but then have to mumble apologies when my brain starts to go on the fritz.

At least Mika gets me out and walking. I'm way stronger than I was last Spring when I spent about 3 months virtually bedridden.

Things are looking up!
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