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Droog is droog

Ah, 'tis good to be alive. i awoke at 12 today and it was good. Mika is always a lazy mutt in the morning, hallelujah. If she was a crack-o'-dawn pooch she'd be at the pound. She looks all drowsy and innocent. I scratched the back of her neck until she drifted back off to sleep.

Mika and I are developing a routine in the morning:
Wake up anytime 9-12
I tell her, "Stay. I'll be back." Then I take my shower, dress, fire up the laptop.
I grab a leash and take her out for her first Wiz Walk of the day.
Back to the apartment for food. About half the mornings I stuff her hollow Kong toy with treats and walk her down to Aunt Elizabeth's coffee shop where she snarfs the treats and I eat a scone and drink my morning latte.

3 mornings a week I have help come midmorning. Twice a week, my aide Gisela comes to help me out. She helps me with tasks that my brainrot makes hard or impossible. Paying bills, calling people about insurance issues, making appointments, helping to organize things. She's a life saver and she is super-cool. She's a great painter. We share a lot of laughs. Sometimes I tell her I should charge her since she gets such a kick out of making fun of handicapped people.

One morning a week Vyolet of Urban Dawgs comes to give Mika and obedience lesson. Because my brainrot doesn't let me attend classes I arranged to get a tutor. Mika's learning fast and thoroughly enjoying it.

About every other day I drive Mika to an Seattle off leash dog park. Mika adores the dog parks. She chases and wrestles other dogs until she's exhausted. A tired dog is a happy dog. I make small talk with other owners. Nice people, nice dogs.

Mika is a babe magnet. Since getting her I regularly converse with interesting, attractive women who want to find out about Mika or tell me how beautiful she is. Nice. The other day a very cute mid-30's woman and I got into a nice conversation. Definite interest on both sides and she boldly got right into my personal space. Fun. Then I began to hit my 15-minute brainrot conversation limit. I had to tell her I couldn't talk for awhile. I was confused by then and wandered away.

I am not interested in getting into a meaningful relationship right now, but I'd love to get into a meaningless one. It's a bit of a "handicap" not being able to flirt. I always enjoyed a little flirting, though I was a straight arrow faithful husband. I need to print up some flirting dialog cards that I can hold up. I think I could handle eye contact if I didn't have to talk. Damn, even with Mika as bait I don't get nearly as many people flirting with me as friend zellandyne does.

Off to the dog park with the Meekster.

You people are fabulous. Stay just as nice as you are!
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