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I'm a pair of scintillating prose eruptions.

Here's a little LJ meme pointed out by rimrunner. Check her Aug 7th, 03 11:43 entry.

droogles' livejournal?
(since some of you don't get it: this is an "interpretation" of the content in droogles' journal.)
This should mean it. I'm a pair of scintillating prose eruptions. I just got sucked into a surprisingly manly giggle; author. We hit the fucked mailing address for hours from a kick out of a lot of that any more cool. She's much more; great artwork, I can't be a Graham Greene frame of shore on that would be proud of dogs until then off leash and I live reserve the treats and watched a place on a lazy mutt in buying Channel Zilch in style, than in a ton of other day a wimp in buying one.

It only works for paid users. Go here type your LJ username after the question mark in the URL, then hit "refresh".)

Anyone remember my short story "Folders" autosummarized by MSFT Word to 100 words? This isn't quite as funny, but it has some good stuff.
-- droogles
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